Tidling Inns

Tidling may be a small town, but as a halfling town, it’s inns are top notch.

Shortbreath Inn

The Shortbreath Inn is run by the halfling Todd Tinil. It is of traditional rambling halfling construction, though its taproom is built large to accomodate the big larger races.

Iron Flagon

Owned by a human named Peng, the Flagon is built of dwarven stone. The inn changes hands on a regular basis, though usually between dwarves. The current owner won the inn in a game of Tricorner from a dwarf named Filib.

Apologies Tavern and Inn

The Apologies is the nicest establishment in Tidling. While the architecture is human, the decor is clearly influenced by Elven aesthetic. The owner is an elegant human woman named Vinri Solon.

Tidling Inns

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