Tidling is a trading town of about 3,400 residents.


The town is about 130miles north of Prism on the southern edge of the Great Northern Wood. It is the only major town between Pilik and Prism. As such, it acts as the trading hub for the whole region.

People and Government

Due to its location between two major civilizations, Tidling is something of a mash-up culturally. The town is about 40% Halfling, 30% Dwarf, and 15% Human.

The main people of Tidling are the Halflings. They initially settled the town as part of the Halfling Society of Mutual Interest, Preservation, and Geniality that originated in Pilik. Tidling acts as the southern-most outpost of the Halfling Society of Mutual Interest, Preservation, and Geniality.

It has a lot of Dwarves from Prism who have settled there to act as traders for their Clans. As the Dwarven population grew for trade, other Dwarves (particularly Clanless) started settling in Tidling as an alternative to Prism.

Until recently, Tidling’s human population was relatively small. But with the fall of Longwatch, the population has grown significantly.

Locations of Note


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