The Upheaval

The Upheaval was an event that occurred five millennia prior to present day when several of the most powerful Gods of the age killed each other forever changing the mystical landscape of Tahanan.

The Event

Many of the details from that time period have been lost, but what is known is that the Gods in that era were more involved in the lives of men. They were few, but they were powerful.

What sparked the all-out battle is not known, but the results are. The Gods slew each other in a brawl that shook the very ground across Tahanan and a great crater formed where they fell, eventually becoming the Sea of the Fallen.

The very essence of Divinity was shattered and spread across the world. Any being of intelligence could take up these essences and take on an aspect of the God from whence it came. Instead of a scant few immensely powerful Gods, there were suddenly dozens of less-powerful Gods all vying for attention and worshipers.

These Divinity Shards (as they became known) are still occasionally uncovered and a new deity is born. Though means are unknown, occasionally a God is stripped of his/her Shard and a new mortal ascends…

The Upheaval

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