The Gods

Gods are formerly mortal beings that ascended through contact with a Divinity Shard. There are many, but some are more commonly worshiped than others.

List of Commonly Worshiped Gods

(I’ll expand this list as needed)

  • Anwar├╝nya – The Goddess of Sympathy and Snowfall
  • Azalt – Goddess of Coin
  • Balnar – Queen of Undeath
  • Besmara – The Pirate Queen
  • Celis – God of Travel and Mountains
  • Eld – God of Beer
  • Galt – God of Smithing
  • Korin – Lord of Battle
  • Lamashtu – The Mother of Monsters
  • NezAlahn – The Half Moon
  • Orzon – Lord of Lies
  • Walnick – God of Simple Comforts

The Gods

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