The Tarilin (commonly referred to as the Northern Elves) are a group of Elves that inhabit the forests north of Korilon.


Separated from the Tasaril (Quintaril Elves) more by cultural differences than genetic ones, the Tarilin share their cousins’ affinity with nature, though to a much lesser extent. The focus of the Tarilin is more on arcane and divine energies and how those interact with nature.

They are very focused on creating beauty, though typically it is in the form of artisan creativity rather than the focus on natural beauty desired by the Southern Elves.

As a whole, they are relatively open to trade and travelers, though there are parts of their lands where outsiders are explicitly unwelcome.

Since being expelled from their previous capital of Longwatch about 450 years ago, there has been a fairly major cultural shift to being less condescending to other cultures. This is particularly true of their youth.


The name Tarilin describes the northen elvish people, and to them, being outside of that structure does not make sense. As such, they don’t have a country in a traditional sense, but a collection of people under a particular political hierarchy. Functionally, this makes little difference, but a worldview perspective, it can be quite impactful.

Their hierarchy follows a traditional feudal mode, with a Chancellor (The Cirine) running the show in their capital city of Osina advised by a Council of the elder Tarilin families.

The war with Korilon impacted the politics in a small but significant way. It slightly weakened the power of The Cirine by giving the Council of Elders the ability to veto a decision of his with a unanimous vote.


The Tarilin typically live anywhere from 250-500 years. However, due to their constant interaction with the arcane, those living 1000 years or more are not unheard of.


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