Pilik is one of the largest Halfling communities on Tahanan. It also is the trade nexus for the loosely organized Halfling settlements in the surrounding countryside.

Vital Statistics

Pilik is a town of about 10,000, about 90% of which are Halflings. Most non-halflings that are in the town at any given time are just passing through. The town was built on trade between Korilon and Prism. With the Blight taking over Longwatch and much of Korilon, Pilik’s trade is suffering. The current mayor of Pilik is Burl Shorttoe.

Pilik is about 270mi north of Prism.


The story goes that around the year 1700AU, there was a Halfling by the name of Borlan Oddwise that was a member of a trade caravan traveling between Prism and the then Elven city of Longwatch. One day as the caravan was traveling through the hills between the two cities, the Halfling looked around at the beautiful rolling hills, sat on a boulder and took out his pipe, looking for all the world that he was on holiday.

The caravan master, incensed by the Halflings unwillingness to move, yelled at him, calling him a “lazy Pillock.” The Hafling, never having heard that term before, took a liking to it and named the rock upon which he sat “Borlan’s Pilik.”

He and several other Halflings, both enthralled by the beautiful landscape and annoyed with the caravan master’s constant badgering, decided to just set up camp right there. They built an inn just under the hill upon which Borlan’s Pilik sat and called their inn The Oddwise. Being in a handy location for trade, caravan’s began seeking out The Oddwise and a small community formed around it. Eventually, the whole area surrounding Borlan’s Pilik (which by this time had been shortened by travelers to Pilik) was settled by other towns and villages of Halflings making up the Halfling Society of Mutual Interest, Preservation, and Geniality.


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