The Korilon empire was one of the larger such nations on Tahanan. Largely populated by humans and some elves, it fell in 4987AU to the Blight.


Korilon was originally just a small nation on the edge of the Sea of the Fallen centered around Kalt. Their nation abutted a larger Elven nation that ruled from Longwatch.

The humans of Korilon controlled the Longwatch elves’ access to the Sea of the Fallen. In the spring of 4512AU the elves tired of the Korilans’ tariffs and attacked. Korilon beat them back and took the offensive, eventually taking Longwatch in 4513AU.

The Elven nobility retreated, some going into the pine forest of the north and others to Quintaril. Many of the Elven artisans stayed and enjoyed the extra coin brought in by the Korilans, who were more adept at trade.

Recent History

Korilon enjoyed several hundred years of relative prosperity, however, as such things go, the upper classes were beginning to become corrupt. The Royal Family still attempted to do the best for its people, but it was severely hampered by a corrupt and powerful Assembly. The nation was ripe for a peasant uprising before its fall.


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