Kalt is a coastal city on the Sea of the Fallen. It is the only remaining major city of what was once Korilon.


The city proper is made up of about 30,000 residents. These residents are around 60% human, 20% Northern Elf, and 20% random other races. The Elves are mostly in their own district, while the other races are spread relatively evenly among the human citizens.

With the fall of Longwatch a shanty town of about 15,000 residents has sprung up around Kalt, vastly comprised of humans.

Politics and Governance

Kalt’s political structure is something of a shambles at the moment. There is a lot of strife between what is left of Korilon’s upper hierarchy and Kalt’s existing structure.


Kalt has a fairly interesting architectural style. It is a largely stone city, crafted from the dark granite the is pervasive in the region. While it is a human city, a lot of trade with the Northern Elves (Tarilin) has left its mark on the city. As such, the general structures look like traditional human buildings at first glance, but upon further inspection show a level of craftsmanship and subtlety that is rare in human architecture.

Fall of Longwatch

Since the fall of Longwatch, Kalt has been overrun by refugees. All of the permanent structures are filled to the brim, and a shanty town has been building all around the city.


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