The Grunkurk Clan is a clan of fierce warriors that formed in the chaos of the War of Stonemaster’s Hill.

Current Clan

The Clan is one of the larger Clans of Prism, having immigrated there after a falling out with the King in Ironfist’s Embrace. They have the strongest fighting force in Prism, but their focus is largely martial. They do not have many holdings outside of the city, but get by in peacetime by sending mercenaries with the bulk of caravans that come through Prism.

  • They are led by Korrin Grunkurk
  • They have a large compound built into the walls of Prism. The have a training hall that is the second largest cavern in the city after the Prism Cavern.
  • There warriors are all well-trained, and while they do have some elite troops, the Clan doesn’t have the best trained troops compared to the other Clans, but they definitely have the most.
  • Their heraldry is an axe shattering a stone.


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