Sigil of galt
Galt is the God of Smithing and has many followers among both blacksmiths and Dwarves.


The history of Galt is better known than most Gods. He was born Orzahn Battlebronze in Ironfist’s Embrace in 34BU. A talented young journeyman, he was returning to his master to become a mastersmith himself in 17AU. He stopped at a Dwarven homestead and noticed an old abandoned smithy on the property. He asked the homesteader, whose name has been lost to the sands of time, if he could dig through it and see if he could find anything of value. The owner agreed and watched the young smith dig through the detritus. He and the smith were surprised when Orzahn pulled out a small glowing shard from under a pile of rusted iron scrap.

When asked later what happened next, the homesteader couldn’t answer, he found himself laying on the floor of what was once a rundown smithy, instead it was a building built entirely of metal. Orzahn was hammering along a wall putting the finishing touches on his Forge.

He turned to the homesteader and said, “No longer does this place belong to you. It belongs to me and those who follow me. I am Galt and this is my place. You may take this be not saddened by your loss of holdings, for I am a generous God.”

Galt handed his hammer to the stunned homesteader and was gone in a flash.


The Church of Galt has a fairly large following due to the nature of his domain. While there may be random chapels and other places of prayer to Galt, his Churches are always Smithies. If a smith has Galt’s Sigil upon his door, that smith has been blessed by Galt and can be relied upon to do quality work.

True Churches of Galt are rare, as Galt has to personally bless a location. No true smith would ever put Galt’s mark upon his door without Galt’s favor, for his iron will become brittle and his edges dull.

Most smiths who follow Galt have at least one place of worship within their smithy, though often it is something as simple as an iron sigil hanging above their anvil.

Alignment: LN
Domains: Artifice, Fire, Law, Rune, Earth
Subdomains: Construct, Smoke, Wards, Metal


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