Clan Unolzak

Clan unolzak

Clan Unolzak is a clan of dwarves that houses the only known creators of Warforged.


In the years following the founding of Prism, many clanless dwarves made their way to the city for a new start. Among them was a young dwarf named Volna. The clan from which she was exiled is unknown, but she made her way to Prism in 607AU. She cloistered herself for several decades, rarely appearing outside of her home. Occasionally she would emerge, but largely, she sent apprentices out manage most the mundane details of purchasing and maintaining stores.

In 684AU, she once more stepped out into the light of Prism followed by the first known Warforged. Based on this success, her star ascended and she formed Clan Unolzak with herself as the Matron and her apprentices as the body of her clan.

Since then, the clan has remained one of the most secretive amongst the Dwarven Clans. The secret of the creation of Warforged still rests with Unolzak.

Clan Unolzak is currently headed by Granik Unolzak.

Clan Unolzak

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