Character Creation

There are a few things to note while creating your characters:

  1. All characters are lvl 1
  2. Use Standard Point Buy (20pts)
  3. You need to have a reason that you are loyal to the House (this is particularly true for non-dwarves
  4. Please run your concept by me before settling on it. I’m pretty flexible as GM, but this setting isn’t as flexible as Sigil was
  5. You will either need to fill out the Character sheet here on Obsidian Portal or send me a D&D Character Builder file.
  6. You can have a single Background, but no Themes.

We’ll talk next session about House Assets and your Characters roles in the House, but be thinking about such things. I plan on having an NPC who is the Master of Coin that manages most of the day-to-day parts of the House and actually manages the House Assets so you guys don’t have to micro-manage all those details.

That will leave a lot of room for your characters to take on new roles in the House that we can build the House around what you guys want to do.

Character Creation

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