A Light in the Dark

Nov 2 - A Light Goes Out

Since we didn’t talk about what the rotation would be this week, I’m going to go ahead and do the write-up this time.

26th of Kazhur 4988AU
The party started in Prism in the Redforge Citadel in the dining hall. Raider mercenaries from Clan Grunkurk burst into the hall. Lord Threndar I gathered the Party and ushered them to a chapel to Galt. He sent the Party and Karig Lightstone into the tunnel with his son Threnny. In the tunnel they met a Content Not Found: unknown that apparently had been there a long time. The Warforged imprinted on Threnny as its master, though it was clearly already a servant of the house.

As the party left the tunnel, Karig sent them to Gormit and said he’d meet them there. The party decided to take the main road and avoid the forest. There they ran into a group of the Grunkurk Guard who after some brief discussion, they ended up fighting and killing the lot. Farther ahead on the road, they ran into an ambush and killed all of the ambushers except the leader.

Group Loot

  • 76GP 2SP
  • Uncut Quartz – 45GP
  • Magical Dagger – ?
  • Magical Shortsword – ?
  • Potions of Cure Light Wounds x 2

House Loot

  • n/a

Player Loot

  • Ysran: 20 throwing hammers


1200/5 = 240XP each


Don’t worry about all the references in the body, I put them in, but don’t feel obligated to do so.

Nov 2 - A Light Goes Out

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