A Light in the Dark

January 25th, 2013


We found some shelter and licked our wounds after several glorious battles. Not much rest was to be had by myself or my companions, the remnants of clan Redforge. My thoughts drifted to Red and how the Warforged proved so helpful in battle. Then only to make such a catastrophic mistake in such a difficult time for the clan by killing Torrent. The addition of Torrent may have proven to be one of the defining moments of our clans return to prominence! However, that tale, will never unfold. I scoffed at myself over having such thoughts, no matter how brief they might be. In the end, the balance must be maintained, NezAlahn be it so!

After our brief respite, we set our minds to task to continue our recon and dispatching of goblins. Our capable trackers began the methodical dance of examining the surroundings in order to find our next clue. My father always wanted me to learn more about tracking but that was to come later in training. Pathfinding skills are always useful when you are dismounted from civilized society. Lucky me? Or lucky us? Despite what I might give off, I am grateful this party is not found wanting for those with that particular skillset!

I studied Ysran as he quickly discovered a path that leads away from this most recently quashed goblin camp. He seemed pleased with himself like it was almost a surprise or maybe he just wanted a pat on the back that he found a trail. I tear away from my thoughts to glance at the “ewwww mon”, my little joke pronunciation, and wonder how he manages to carry on. “Why laugh when you can chortle”, I think to myself as i feel one erupt from me over the thought of me as a steed for Shin. He does have the endurance of a Dwarf child. Sometimes my musings make me laugh but that is mostly because they are true.

While all the tracking was going on and unlike myself, Shin was being productive by working on identifying some of the items we had picked up along the way. I believe he identified the circlet and that book he has been carrying around. Funny thing is, when he looked at it I thought for a second that he didn’t seem to be able to read it.

Once Ysran was able to start tracking, we began to follow the goblin path leading away from the camp. Eventually, we came across another party of goblins on a perpendicular path to our own. We were in mostly open terrain without major cover or concealment but we decided to stealth up as close as we could to them. I didn’t think the guy in plate, who is not outdoorsy, was a poor choice to attempt to stealth anywhere but I made a go of it. I am reasonably sure I made some loud noises which in turn, drew the goblin party to our doorstep.

We made fairly light work of the goblin party and proceeded to heal ourselves up once again. We searched for the best cover we could find and began to make camp. Since we were out in the open we opted for no fire. A little while into sleep there was a ruckus going on somewhere in the distance. Three of us went to investigate the party and report back if any help was needed or if they had news to provide. Bri and I stayed back to allow the more sneaky and agile members attempt a recon on the commotion.

The battle seem to last forever and still we had no word. I was pretty interested to know what was going on because I very much like to get into the fray. Finally Shin and Tannis emerged to tell Bri and I that there were several hobgoblins and three adventures fighting an all out battle.

When the four of us finally got to the area the noise was coming from, there was a sole halfling left. All of his party and all of the hobgoblins were dead. I didn’t realize it until someone else had spotted him but our fellow dwarf, Ysran had been slain as well. I listened to the little halflings recounting of how they got to be out here and how our Ysran had done us proud until the very end! We scooped up our comrades up in our arms and prepared the bodies for the journey back to be properly buried. Despite my outward appearance, a great weight settled on my chest and crept up my throat. I had to summon all of my strength to remember … that in NezAlahn I trust.



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