A Light in the Dark

Feb 8 - Bats and Bugs!

Dwarves are crazy. I mean, I appreciate them letting me tag along and all, but they are just straight up nuts. Seeing Gort, Tallana, and Jik fall was pretty hard. I didn’t realize how much I actually cared about them. We’d only been trekking together for a couple months, but they’d become almost like family.

Apparently one of the dwarves (I think it was a “she”, but with dwarves you never know) knew Gort from his time in Prism. They didn’t downplay the deaths of the rest of my crew, but took the death of their fellow dwarves very damned seriously. I just wish the rest of them had shown up with that berserker that leapt from the shadows. He saved my ass, but I couldn’t save his.
As weird as the dwarves are, the human with the creepy eyes freaks me out more. The less said about his eyes, the better.

Anyway, we’re heading to wherever these guys come from to let them know about the massing of goblins. Before all this, goblins never worried me, but seeing them all in a big group like that terrifies me. We got jumped by a small group that had tamed bats. BATS! Gah, what gross creatures. If the Goblins ever march in force, they would be like locusts on a barley harvest. Luckily, from what these yahoos say, they have been pretty content with raiding. Thank the Brewer for that!

Then, thinking we were finally safe, the ground collapsed under us and we were attacked by giant cockroaches. The less said about them the better, but I’m going to go out of my way to squash every cockroach I see in the future just to make sure they never get that big!

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