A Light in the Dark

December 28th 2012


Naarg, Red, and Shinku returned from their confrontation with the hobgoblin and his goblin minions with the human male in tow. His sisters were thoroughly grateful and made a point to thank them when they were in Gormitt.

Bri and Ysran returned to the group both bearing information. Ysran found signs in the countryside of increasing goblin activity in the hills around the mountains. There were fears of a mounting offensive, especially if more hobgoblins are found leading them.

The retainers, now reunited, opted to pursue the shipment of iron in a nearby town, leaving Tanis, Dorn, and the rest of the clan back at the smith’s home. Defensive preparations were made to secure the grounds, to make sure that the heir was not be unprotected.

The retainers made the day-long trip to the city, met with an aptly (or ineptly) named human scumbag who sold them iron ingots at a moderate price. Despite some apprehension (and some confusion from Shinku) the retainers decided to drink at a tavern where other dwarves were sure to be at their cups. Their caution was met amiably by dwarven merchants and the sharing of a pony keg.

Upon leaving the town, the retainers were assaulted in the wilderness by a clanless mercenary unit. A battle was pitched, and won with no casualty. One of the mercenaries survived and was open about his unit’s activities. Given his honesty and honor, the retainers spared his life and eventually offered him a chance to join Redforge as a man-at-arms.

Returning home brought many happenings. The village was preparing to meet a possible goblin attack, given the warning of the retainers. Although there was joy in having iron to forge and trade, the newest member of the clan was slain by Red, out of his fear that his mercenary past might bring him to harm Threnny.



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