A Light in the Dark

Dec. 14th 2012

Quest for Clan

In the morning we were to have breakfast with Kareg and his followers. He discuassed several options in rebuilding their clan. The course of direction the group decided on was to start rebuilding trade. Kareg tasked this one, Nareg and the strange human Shinku to go to the next town for trade. His followers Dorn and Tanis were to accompany us while the the female Brianna and the male Ysran were to support Kareg with a mission. I quickly gather my weapons and departed for the cart….should I be living Threndar alone? Quickly before this one could think about it longer Nareg told me to hurry and I quickly moved into formation.

While taking goods into the next town we were ambushed by what the others call goblins. They are a weak and cowardly species but can be dangerous in large numbers. This one must remember this for future reference. After we defended the cart we followed their tracks to their camp. We found two young human females tied up. Nareg and Shinku untied them and calmed them down. I stayed on look out till the others found them a very good natural hiding place near a small cave. Nareg said we were going to try and rescue the male sibling. We made good time by rushing through the woods, though Nareg and too carry Skinku on his back (humans seem to be a frail species).

We ambushed the goblin camp… led by what the others refer to a hobgoblin. Big dangerous goblin. While fighting the goblins i started to see strange shapes follow out my weapon again, they seem to be alive? I also could have sworn I saw one shield my back from goblin, I do not understand what is happening but I must keep what little senses I have because we still have to go to town.



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