A Light in the Dark

Adventure log- Nov. 16

Further flight and arrival in Gormit

Our flight from Prism had been harrowing thus far, but we had survived. As we stood over the bound leader of the assassins who had just attacked us, I bound the wounds of my allies and said a soft prayer over the corpses of the unfortunate clanless spread around the road.

Narrg and Ysran approached the captive dwarf. He was uncooperative at first but a bit of intimidation (Dwarven men get very touchy about their beards)got him talking. An unnamed red-haired dwarf noble had sent them out here just over a week ago to await instructions. It was not until yesterday that they were contacted using some form of mental magic. They were told to kill a group of dwarves that matched our descriptions. Unfortunately, he knew nothing else of value. The clanless begged us to let him go, offering to run far from Prism. I could tell that the desperate dwarf was telling the truth for once. The rest of our group however was not so certain.

“There has been too much dwarven blood shed this day,” I said. It was tense for a moment, but in the end they were convinced.

As we traveled on, we soon found a clearing near the road. Our strange warforge companion offered to keep watch and the night seemed uneventful. The warforge, who we’ve taken to calling Red, said he had heard something in the woods nearby during the night. He? She? It? walked into the forest. It was several minutes before we realized the warforge was gone!

I stepped into the woods. A strange feeling came over me and I realized there was some sort of sorcery at work. We decided to let Ysran attempt to journey further in, but it seemed he too was taken by the forest magic. With growing concern for our companions, Shinku volunteered to make a search attempt, but again met with failure. Finally, Narrg and I hoped that if we went in together that we could overcome whatever spell was taking us one by one.

As we entered the forest, a powerful force took hold and drew us deep into the woods. We found a large stone, worked only by weather, with our friends sitting around it. We too were drawn to commune with the stone and sat comfortably near our friends.

It seemed to have an intelligence of a sort, though limited, and while we all seemed content to stay with the stone, we finally seemed to make it understand that we needed to continue on our way. Finally, the stone released us. Several hours had passed it seemed but we were all feeling quite refreshed. We chose to stay the night near our stone “friend” and the next morning we were able to cut across land through the forest, making good time.

Soon we exited the forest and stood before a plain of gently rolling hills. Travel that day was uneventful save for a few merchants on the road. We camped just off the road that night. Again, Red was left to watch while the rest of the group slept. I was awoken however in the dead of the night by the sharp fangs of a wolf! Perhaps in the future we should not rely so much on the warforge for our watches.

The savage attack of the wolves injured me severely! As I faded from consciousness, I saw my companions fending of an entire pack. Suddenly, a surge of energy rushed through me and Narrg stood next to me, his weapon slashing at a nearby wolf! Thanks to his healing, I managed to rise and help fend off the pack. The last one ran off into the night, the rest of its pack dead at our feet.

Tired and worn from our travels, we expected to finally arrive at Gormit later that day. We spotted plumes of smoke on the horizon. Worried that there might be more enemies searching for us, we were wary about checking it out. Being the most stealthy of our band, we decided that Shinku and Ysran should take a closer look.

We waited for some time before we heard a commotion. It was Shinku, running at top speed and pursued by a number of goblins and a pair of hyenas! The battle was fierce but once again we came out triumphant. We would learn later that as Shinku and Ysran approached the smoke, tey spotted a farmstead ahead of them. They could hear cries coming from the house and saw the goblins. Unfortunately, the goblins also spotted Shinku. Knowing that is was too dangerous to face the goblins on his own, Shinku turned and ran. When they had passed, Ysran emerged from hiding. In the burning farmhouse, Ysran found the bound farmer. He cut the bonds and saved the grateful human. Meanwhile, Shinku led the goblins back to where the rest of us waited.

After the fight, Ysran caught up to us and we made the last leg to Gormit. Once there, it did not take long to spot the large house bearing the secret sigil of House Regforge. We were greeted by a dwarf and his family. Once we explained who we were were, he was more than helpful, providing food and a place to sleep.

The next day, Karig arrived. He and the two dwarves with him were beaten and wounded. Threnndar I was dead and all that was left of House Redforge was present in that room in a small manor in an out of the way hamlet. May the Mason give us the strength of stone to endure these hard days. I have a feeling we will need it!



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